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Preparing for your GP appointment

Preparing for your GP appointment

Talking to your doctor about birth control

Your needs and preferences for a specific birth control method can change over time, making it important to have frequent conversations with your doctor. This website helps you gather the information and questions you need for an informed discussion with your doctor.

Make the most of your visit

It’s a good idea to prepare for your visit ahead of time so that you can get the most out of your appointment.


Ease of use


Do you find it hard remembering your birth control every day?


Family planning


Do you plan to get pregnant within the next year?


Ability to prevent pregnancy


What would it mean for you to get pregnant right now?



Do hormones in birth control work for you?




Do you want shorter and lighter bleeding?




Are there any methods you’d like to discuss further?

Different contraceptive options available in the UK

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contraception feature

Is my contraception
right for me?

Not sure what contraception is right for you?


Join virtual avatar Dr Monica on an interactive walk-through of the different contraceptive options available in the UK.


Find your match

What to expect during the visit


Be honest and upfront

Be honest and upfront

Do you find it hard remembering your birth control every day?

Be focused and specific

Be focused and specific

Bring your filled in conversation guide with your burning questions and stick to the topics that are on your mind.

Keep an open mind

Keep an open mind

Your doctor and nurse are there to help you, so try to take their opinion into consideration.

Book an appointment

Book your appointment

Find a clinic & book your GP appointment.


Find your local clinic

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Reporting side effects

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